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Dual Language

Bilingual Program For Kindergarten Students

Alamosa offers two options for our Kindergarten students: the Dual Language and English Plus strands.

  1. In the Dual Language program, Kindergarten students study in Spanish for half the day and English for half the day. Dual language Kindergarten students become bilingual and bi-literate, able to speak, read, write and study in both languages.
  2. In the English Plus strand, Kindergarten students study in English and are exposed to Spanish through school-wide events or announcements. English Plus Kindergarten students study in English and build an appreciation of New Mexico culture.

In both strands, Kindergarten students, parents and teachers work closely together to ensure academic progress and high achievement for our students. Both strands require long-term commitments from students and families.

Since the benefits of a dual language program take 5-7 years to fully develop, English-speaking students are not accepted into the program after first grade, unless they have some academic experience in Spanish. Likewise, once a strand is chosen by the kindergarten student and family, we expect them to remain in that program until graduation from Alamosa.

Kindergarten student placement into the Dual Language and English Plus strands depends on these factors: family preference, long-term commitment, and the language balance in the Dual Language strand.

We cannot place a Kindergarten student into a classroom without this signed letter of interest. Please indicate your preference for your child, sign and date the letter, and return it to a staff person or the office.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Parent Letters Of Interest